CSA Delivery Tomorrow

Good Afternoon CSA Members,

We have the shares all made and ready for delivery/pickup tomorrow. Yahoo, yummy food from the farm on the way. 

And here we go again with sorting out details. Many of you responded that how we did things two weeks ago worked for you. SO we will do that again with a couple of changes. Please review below. 

ALL CITY LOCATIONS: On Wednesday I will park with the TapRoot van at:

If the above times are not ideal for you..... 


I CAN leave your share at the pick-up location (Sante, Dinah's, Alderney) for you to collect at another time if that is best for you.

OR I CAN take your share with me to the next location if that works best for you.

OR I CAN deliver it to your home.

All of these options are a challenge to keep track of but all options I want you to have. SO.... to help me. Please let me know if you want home delivery or if you want to collect at a different location. That way I will know whose shares to leave at a location if you don't come at the time listed above. Make sense?  


The Noggins staff will bring your share out to your car for you at any of the locations.

Noggins Greenwich - You can call 902.542.5515. #1#1. 

Noggins Sante Centre - 902.404.4400

Noggins Alderney 902.237.7466


At TapRoot Farms - Makaila can bring your share out to the car for you. You can call her at 902.698.9869. 


If you get a home delivery: Local home deliveries are as per usual. City home deliveries are as per usual.

Shares will be in the plastic trays this week. You can empty out and leave it. More items are bagged this week. The trays were washed and dipped. 


In other farm news. 


The greenhouse is filling up. Josh was just chatting with me about what our options are. We will plan to empty the greenhouse attached to our house that has overwintered kale, chard, and spinach in it so that we can lay down landscape fabric and put down tables for seedling production.  


Since the farmers markets are closed Carolyn (my sister) and I have been trying to makeup some sales with the online shop. People are using it which is great. It is also a big pile of work. I am not sure how we will transition into a longer term model because the two of us doing it is not a long term solution - unless something else is going to be given up. BUT for now, we are happy doing this and it feels good to know that people can have a reliable next day food delivery in these times of angst.


We had a baby calve on Sunday. We now have four lambs. 


We have hired a few new people. Josh has them working at cleaning up the tunnels, preparing them to be put up and for the soil to start warming up for seeding. Also they are learning how to seed. 


We have also heard from FARMS, the organization who we work with to hire our long term staff from Jamaica. Jamaica is the only country who is allowing people to depart for work. The governments are working out protocols for safety.  We do not know any more than that. Our top priority is everyone's safety and comfort.  


On Sunday's I am coordinating a door to door food delivery to anyone who identifies as isolated and hungry in the Wolfville, Canning, Port Williams, New Minas and Kentville area. People have been sending donations via TapBucks (on the TapRoot Shop) and Dad, Carolyn and I have been making up boxes with potatoes, carrots, onions, apples and pea shoots. Each week it has been at least 20 boxes delivered. The priority is homes with children, but when a single elderly person messages, we add their civic to the list. It is working out well with a crew of volunteer drivers. 


And finally, I have not been promoting the CSA because it doesn't feel like the right to do right now. However, I must say, it is precisely this sort of event that brings into focus the importance of Community Shared Agriculture. I was dreaming the other day of asking you to create  video clips on why you became a member. Or of your kids sharing what they like and don't like about the box that arrives. Some of you could ask your now grown up kids, what their experience was like. What does it mean to you. For some of you it means a deeply held relationship to economy and land and environment and for others it means fee for service. For those of you who have been members of our CSA for a number of years, it would be great to learn more from you about why. And to figure out a creative way to share that story as an invitation. I don't want people to sign up in fear. Informed and intentional memberships are what is important I think. The story of those who are new is interesting and helpful too. It is just an idea. For certain, having more members in 2020 would help the farm. 


If you get eggs, please take two dozen this week! I will try hard to remind you. 


I do hope this all makes sense. 


Okay over and out. I need to go ask the kids to get off technology. I wonder if left alone if eventually they would leave it....how many years would it take? 


Hugs and love to you all,


ps. my cel is 902 670 3277 text (with your name) or call if you need anything (related to food and farm).