CSA Delivery afterthoughts

Good Morning Amazing CSA Members,

2 things. 

1) Thank you so much for making it work yesterday. Izaak and I got home around 9:45 PM after a long but fulfilling day of delivering our farm goodies to you. I truly love seeing your smiling eyes at pickup. Thank you! What a gift it is to greet you (sometimes I might seem preoccupied by searching for names or items, but I do notice you).  For those of you we missed seeing - we are sending you smiles and hellos. 

2) This week was for one week of CSA (not two weeks worth). 

On that note, how do you want to proceed, one week at a time or two at a time. Certainly for me doing home deliveries, two at a time is less time, but if this is our new normal it might be too much for you to have to store? Also, I am not sure how many of you are on facebook, but maybe it would be easier to have a space to have these discussions, so it can evolve. I am feeling a little bit stretched (a bit tired today so that doesn't help) knowing how to best serve you in this time.  Is there a platform that we could safely and inclusively host a discussion to resolve some of these challenges. Some members have offered up their garages or other space if pick up times don't work. These options could be self organized if we had a platform to connect with each other and to do it. Doing so many additional home deliveries in the long term will require a different strategy than what I did yesterday. (when i say home deliveries I am referring to those who usually go to pick up but are isolated, not those of you who get home delivery as your option) 

Would love your thoughts. Cheerio then! 

Have a great day!