CSA Member Gathering and Field Walk this Saturday

Hello TapRoot CSA Members,
We would love it if you can make it to our member gathering on Saturday. This is open to all CSA members, even if you are signed up for a Summer/Fall share.
Sit by the fire and enjoy a bowl of hearty soup from our farm and fresh bread. Josh and Patricia will be there to answer any questions you have, and to give an informal update about what's happening at the farm these days.
If you are able to make it please e-mail or join our facebook event so we know how much bread and soup to have on hand.
Many thanks and we hope to see you at the farm this weekend!
Take care,
Saturday, April 8th – 12:00-2:00 PM
Spring CSA Member Gathering. 
Join us at 441 Canard for soup and bread, an informal Q and A from Patricia and Josh as well as a farm update and plans for the season.
Stay and take part in our field walk after lunch.
Saturday, April 8th – 2:00-3:00 PM
Field Walk with your TapRoot Farmers. 
Take a walk with the Patricia and Josh of TapRoot farms. Join us as we wander through the fields, tunnels, greenhouses,
and the animal barn at 451 Canard street. Come back throughout the year and see how much the farm changes, season to season.
Guided tour starts at 2:00 PM. Wear appropriate clothing and footwear for walking through fields. We will walk rain or shine.
This year we will have a shorter trail. Large wheeled stroller or backpacks are best. For our on farm food safety it's best to
leave the four legged friends at home.