CSA Pick-Up This Week

Hello - Please review carefully the pickup details for this week. I thought more places would be closed on Wednesday so I was thinking we would deliver on Thursday HOWEVER I was wrong and so we are sticking with the schedule with a couple of exceptions. If this does not work for you or if another location this week will work better please email me today or tomorrow my 2 pm and I can make the change happen for you. Thanks a bunch! 

Tuesday November 10, 2020 

Valley Home Deliveries -  late afternoon/evening


Wednesday November 11, 2020

TapRoot Farms - same (8 - anytime)

Greenwich Noggins - same (8 -close)

Sante Noggins - same (11 - close) 

Alderney Landing Noggins - same (12-close)

The Loop - same  (12-close)

Dinah's - same (12 - close) 

Metro Home Deliveries - morning and afternoon


Thursday November 12, 2020 

Seaport - Noggins (11-close)