CSA this week

Good Morning Members,

Reminder, this week is for those who chose to get their box each week. If you chose every two weeks, this is not your week. 

Also, mixed greens were ready (yahoo) so we put those in the shares instead of the spinach. They are fresh and lovely. You can eat raw or you can use them to cook with, like you can spinach or kale. 

This is the last of the cabbage. No more until summer. 

We are rushing here this morning to get out the door.

Local home deliveries I will do when I return from the city. City home deliveries will occur tomorrow. 

Also, if you are not liking the every two weeks and want to go back to once a week, just email me and we can change it for you. 

And a final note:

To be honest, I am feeling maxed out. Katelyn works from home, and fewer staff and then needing to keep staff safe is adding so many layers to management that my head is full. It is really 7 days a week, 12++ hours a day sort of reality right now.  Josh was up at 4:30 this morning fixing a piece of equipment. Bananas. Also, we need a new truck and delivery van so trying to make those decisions, which are scary and expensive, but two things we do need to carry on so onward we go. We have so many crops to get into the ground. May is really full on. I actually thought this morning, I can't deliver, I need to help at the farm to get crops in the ground and support the activity here. Of course, I do want and need to deliver and so, off I go now to get the van loaded. Once on the road it will be nice! I really appreciate seeing those of you I see, it helps keep me focused. I was sharing these thoughts with Josh this morning, and his response was, you are a farmer. Oh my. Yes indeed I am. 

Sending big farmer hugs to you!


(your middle aged woman farmer) 

(and if you need anything while i am on the road my cel is 902 670 3277)