Canning Jam at Moon Tide Farm

We (at TapRoot) are happy to share this invitation with all of you. It is great that Farmer Ann is hosting this educational and fun event!

You're invited to an afternoon of canning and preserving with preservation artist and farmer Ann Huntley.

Event Overview 
1. "Preserving the Harvest" Talk by Ann Huntley
What the season looks like on Moon Tide Farm, how to scale down for home gardens or just purchasing in bulk. Different methods of keeping veggies and brief discussion (pros & cons) of each: 
  • long-term storage and fermentation
  • water bath canning
  • pressure canning
  • other: cheese making, hard ciders & beers, drying, etc.
What works for us, what doesn't, what do we find to be the best methods for what crops (so far)?

2. General Q & A About Food Preservation

3. Break out Into Work Stations

Station 1- Pressure Canning: Beef Stew and/or Curried Veg Stew. Raw Pack method. 

Station 2 - Water Bath Canning: Making blueberry jam w/ honey. 

Station 3 - Fermentation: Quick brining and making your own veggie kraut

What you get:
  • Oodles of canning and preserving knowledge
  • 2 jars of yummy preserves, more preserves to buy
  • Samples of preserves made by Moon Tide Farm 
  • Camping right beside Cape Split with a view of the ocean from Sunday until Monday
  • An unforgettable experience of canning from field to jar
  • Dinner with ingredients from Moon Tide Farm (optional)


September 20th, 2015, from 12pm-6pm (later if staying for dinner or camping)


Moon Tide Farm, Scots Bay NS (2 doors down from Cape Split) 


$15 for dinner (optional), bring your own, or head home 

Only 13 tickets left and registration closes September 14th!

The tickets go 100% to cover the costs of materials, time, wood, propane, help and produce. We've worked very hard to make this event accessible to all ages and income levels. Hope to see you there!


For questions call 902-692-9421 or email