Checking In

Good Evening CSA Members,

I just wanted to take a moment to check in with you. How are you holding up? 

I am thinking of you all each day and worrying about you all. I try to not worry but I am a worrier. I wonder if it was the right decision to provide two weeks in one, or if you will be needing food. 

For anyone who has joined in the past 7 days, this coming week there will not be a share delivery. We did two weeks worth last week and this week we will all staying put. Katelyn will sort out getting you refunded for this week. 

On the farm things are full on. Josh and Izaak who have been in self isolation and will be until Tuesday night/Wednesday morning have been putting up tunnels in between the animal chores. They arrived home from a father/son trip to visit our farmer friends and employees in Jamaica to self isolation. They have been living in the guest house. 

Michael, Tim, Jeffery, Betty and Makaila have been packing veggies, growing shoots and sprouts, harvesting in the tunnels of spinach and kale, seeding and setting the seeded trays out in the greenhouse. Katelyn has been working from home and logging in to the server which has been perfect. It is really odd to walk past her computer and see it working with no person there. So thankful for logmein technology. 

All of the men who come to work with us from Jamaica are currently waiting for direction. We get messages from the organization F.A.R.M.S but they are totally overwhelmed and doing the best they can. We do not see how it will all work in the short term, it all seems quite high risk and many details to overcome, but we will see. Our focus is that we want everyone to be safe, as much as that is possible. Heck, I was talking about paradigm shift thinking in December. I had no idea it would be this much of a shift. We will find ways to adapt and maybe we will be needing all of you and the kids and neighbours to come help us get everything planted...... 6 foot seed/transplant spacing in 2020. 

The online shopping has been busy. My sister Carolyn and I have been working together (first time in like 15 years) each day for nearly 12 hours a day, sorting out sales details, making orders and delivering. It is really nice working alongside her. I so love my family! The online shop is great and needed right now, but a ton of work and I am not sure it is a fiscally sensible plan of action, BUT Carolyn and I both feel strongly that right now, it is what we need to do to provide an option for people to have access to local food. 

We have been delivering food to families who identify as needing some food. We have been doing this on Sundays. This is our 2nd week. The need is great and my heart is aching knowing there are hungry kids, moms and dads out there. AND likely many of you have been impacted by this, and maybe you are laid off, and maybe you need some support. Please let us know.  Community Shared Agriculture means we will make it work together. If you need some add on's or your share, and need more time to pay or miss a payment or two, let us know. So long as we have room on the line of credit, we can keep sharing. 

Take Good Care! Happy Sunday! Lots of love from the farm!