Cherry Upick & Guest House

Hello All,

Two things. 

1) Sweet Cherry U-Pick - This SUNDAY. July 18th. 11 AM - 3 PM. Come to 600 Canard Street. Follow the signs for the Cherries. The yellow house and horse barn on the left are not part of the farm. Please do not park in their driveway.  Bring your own containers to harvest into. We will weigh your cherries when you finish. Price is $3 per lb. I will make a post on facebook too. That is where up to date info will be. I think we will plan on it rain or shine just because they are ripe now. For anyone new....sweet cherries freeze really well. You just take them out all winter and eat them either frozen or let them thaw and eat. Kids all ages LOVE them! I will have the debit/visa machine and a cash box with me.  

2) A booking for next week at the guest house cancelled. July 20 -23 is available. If you are interested in coming to stay at the farm there is a lot to see this time of year. You can come for one night, two or four. If you want to come but the cost is too high, I would rather rent to you for less per night that to not have anyone in the house, so if you want to send me your request via AirBnB then I can consider it and accept it. Thanks a million! &adults=1 (ps. if you come next week to the guest house you can harvest sweet cherries then too).

Happy Friday!