Community Corn Boil in the City

Community Corn Boil in the City 

We are bringing our sweet corn to you! Saturday September 7th, join us in Dartmouth at Leighton Dillman Park for some hot buttered (or not buttered!) sweet corn. We will be cooking up corn from 12:00 - 2:30, swing by for a cob and get to know some other folks who participate in our CSA.

We will be set up by the Park Avenue Community Oven, where there is some seating available, please bring along chairs or blankets for your own comfort.

We will set up a game of washer toss and spend some time in the sun!

If you are thinking of joining us you can register here.  This will help us plan how much food to bring along for the day. 

How to get to the park

The Park Oven, Garden and Orchard are located in the Leighton Dillman Park of the Dartmouth Commons directly inside the gate off Park Avenue. The location is within easy walking distance from both the Alderney Ferry Terminal as wall as the Dartmouth Bridge Transit Terminal. There is a parking lot located on the corner of Wyse Road and Thistle Street and limited parking available on Park Avenue and surrounding streets near the entrance ( 



Looking forward to seeing you there!