Confirming Tomorrow

Good Evening Everyone. 

1) two weeks in one this week except that I we don't have enough eggs for again we will owe you. I am sorry!  

2) if you get meat, make sure you get two bags, one for each week. 

3) frozen blueberries in the shares this week please help me remember to tell you at pick up to get a pint from the cooler. 

4) TAKE NOTE OF CHANGES for tomorrow:

(pick-ups for Noggins Greenwich (902.542.5515 #1 #1 market), TapRoot Farms (902.698.9869 Makaila's cel she is in warehouse) and regular home deliveries are the same (my cel 902.670.3277). At these locations if you wish to have your share taken outside for you or put into your truck we can do that.) 

ALL CITY On Wednesday I will park with the TapRoot van at:

If I don't hear from you I will trust you have received these messages and will be at one of the four pickup locations tomorrow. You can come to any of them. 

Two more things.  I won't get back to email after nine PM tonight and I won't have much time to look at it in the morning. I will be up early  to get orders finished and van loaded. SO.... if you need something please text me in the morning 902 670 3277. That way I can update my delivery list in real time tomorrow. Please make sure you put your name as it appears on the CSA list in your text because I don't have your names in my phone. 

AND, the boxes this time around, you keep. Maybe they can be used as fire starter or garden bed mulch. 

Reminder to everyone that we are doing two weeks in one week so we can do our best to stay physically distance and really to do all we can to limit exposure. 

Please feel free to call anytime. 

AND if for some reason I am running far behind tomorrow, I will post on FB and send an email with an update. If more than 50 of us get home delivery then I might need another day. 

Hugs and love to you! It has always been a great honour to grow food for you. Now, even more so!!