Corn U Pick Sunday

Hello All,

Happy Friday!

1) we are hosting a corn u-pick on Sunday from 10 AM - 2 PM. All location details will be posted on the event in facebook. For those not using facebook, come to 451 Canard Street and ask someone in the yard where the field is. It is down Clarke Lane. But there is no civic so I will do a video to get you to the field. The price is $2.50 per dozen. 

2) we have posted many items on the share list in the bulk items section and the veggie and fruit section are updated for your preserving needs. 

3) Open Farm Day is Sept 16 and our farm will be wide open on that day so please feel free to come join us on September 16th. 

Have a great weekend! I am running off to pick up the kids from camp. I haven't seen them since Sunday at 2 PM. I am excited.