Current plan re strom

Good Morning All, 

The uncertainty of life continues. 

Here is what I know now. We are going to make the CSA shares today as per usual. My plan now is to have all the shares set up at TapRoot, Noggins (greenwich) and get the local home deliveries completed today. I would expect that your shares will be ready by 5 PM at TapRoot and Noggins in Greenwich if you wanted to collect them today. 

For all city deliveries: I am thinking/planning we postpone CSA pickup. My wish is to make this decision based on location and based on the weather and the results of the weather tomorrow. So for example, when the storm passes tomorrow morning, if all is well, I could drive in for a late afternoon pickup at Dinah's for example. NOW I realize no option will work for everyone so let us just wait and see what happens and go from there. I will be in touch via email.

To recap:

Thanks a bunch,