Deliveries Today

Hello All,

We have discussed it and Steve is up for delivering your shares today. 

Deliveries are happening today unless you hear otherwise. If the storm does pick up later into the day then Steve may decide to head back home early. If so, we will communicate this to you and we will sort out another option for delivery of your shares. 

IF YOU CAN NOT make your pickup today because of the weather please see what locations are possible for you tomorrow or Thursday  and let me know as soon as you are able. (so I can coordinate tomorrow)

One location that is not on the list of locations is that we are able to deliver shares to Noggins Seaport Market  on Thursday to be collected Thursday after 2 until Friday at 5 pm  if that helps for this week. 

Many thanks for your understanding. The list of location is on the website :

Also, Steve will be travelling at what speeds he feels are safe, so if there are delays I will do my best to keep you informed.