Delivery Details for Tomorrow!

Hello CSA Members,

Welcome to new members. If you recently joined the CSA please make your way to the newsletter section of our web page ( and have a read of the past four newsletters. The reason is to help you understand where we are now given all these new circumstances. 

Thank you for all of you who filled in the google form. If you did not fill it in then either I have been in touch or I will be in touch, but it might not be before tomorrow. 

Based on your responses in the from, if you selected home delivery that is what I am planning to do. If you selected pickup, that is what I am planning to do.  Fingers crossed I have got it right:))  (my cel 902 670 3277 text or call if you need/want)

Tomorrow (Wednesday) I will deliver to pickup locations. Thursday I will do the home deliveries. I have realized I can not manage both in one day. 

Pick-up locations & times for the next 8 weeks: 

If you want to move your location for these 8 weeks that is fine we can do that. Just email and let us know. 

If you chose two weeks at a time then you will take a large cardboard box. AND for those who get meat, you will take a week 1 and week 2 meat. There are not enough eggs to offer two weeks at once this week. We will need to sort that out in two weeks, which means maybe that week you will get three dozen. You will pickup on April 15, 29, May 13, 27

I called in the kids to help as I am not finished yet. I am really missing Makaila (wholesale manager). She decided to take on a new job, in landscape that she trained to do. Day two and my head is spinning with the added work load. OH WELL!!! Tomorrow the men from Jamaica arrive and that is A LOT! A lot of responsibility, a lot of wondering about whether it is the right thing to be happening, a lot to get the houses ready and the strict rules communicated and then enforced. So it is very good in one way, but very nerve racking in another. We will have four houses for three people each to live in to self isolate. We are required to monitor them each day and they have forms to keep filled in about their health. It is all such a lot of learning and adapting. 

Hoping you are well and safe and nourished. 

Oh and  something fun, Josh and I will be married for 20 years tomorrow. It is amazing to think that we've been hanging out for 25 years. The other evening he was carrying in wood to the furnace for the seedlings at the greenhouse. I was watching him as he walked back and forth with arm loads of wood and I had a moment of deep respect for him. He just keeps doing what needs doing each day for food to arrive for us all. It is a gift to be sharing my life with him. 

Okay.....that is enough for this evening. Going to finishing making the shares now and head home to cook up some TapRoot dinner.

Hugs and love to you all,


(your middle aged woman farmer)