Delivery Status Update

Good Afternoon CSA Members who are getting a metro home delivery:

Because of the pandemic we worked to accommodate everyone in order to keep us all safer. We offered getting shares two weeks at a time, offered from the van pickup, shop location pickup and we offered home delivery. We didn't deal with the costs associated with home delivery for each member, we just offered it. As you likely are aware, home delivery has an added cost. Moving forward we need to realize delivery income to offset the cost. Metro home delivery is $10 per week. It is fine if you wish to stay getting a home delivery. Just let us know and Katelyn will provide you an invoice for the total moving forward. 

If you wish to go back to a pickup location can you send me an email and let me know where you wish to pickup? You can choose what is best for now and change it later. We realize there is still a lot of accommodating that we are all doing. 

Here are the current hours for pickup on Wednesdays:

Any changes will all begin on June 8th, the delivery day we get things a bit back to the more regular routine. This week, June 3 is the last of the 8 weeks. 

Many thanks!