Delivery Today

Good Morning Members,

I do not mean to be confusing BUT....... 

AS it turns out Ian is bringing the shares on a bigger truck and they will arrive around 11 AM to Noggins Alderney today. 

The back story if you like: 

Noggins has a small truck that hauls 6 pallets of veggies in to the city on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Also on Saturday for the markets. They do wholesale deliveries to some shops and restaurants. Ian and I discussed today and it would be better for him if I delivered some of the smaller orders to customers on the Halifax side and he takes a pallet of the TapRoot CSA boxes to Alderney. I do not know yet if this will work for him each week or not, so we can stay posted. BUT FOR TODAY.....ignore my message from Monday. 

Thanks all and sorry if I am being confusing! 

Have a great day!