Delivery Update

Good Evening, 

Welcome to the few new members. 

I believe we are all informed for tomorrow. Delivery as usual, except for Seaport most are collecting at The Loop and except for those getting home delivery. If there is any confusion please call me (9026703277) or text. 

I anticipate we will be running a little late tomorrow which means we will be at Alderney Gate Noggins more like at 1 PM vs our usual 12 PM. I didn't get it all done today so I have a few things to pull together in the morning. 

Thinking of you all,



Other thoughts I wrote earlier today to send you but I didn't get to edit it or send it: 

I will delivery any share to your door if you prefer. I just need you to email me with your civic address. 

All of the veggie boxes have been washed with bleach. 

Thanks for your kind words of support. You likely have heard too that none of the men who work with us will be allowed to enter Canada until some point in time. There are many hard moments for all of us right now. SO it goes. 

If you want to order from the farm shop ( you can and just click on local pickup and in the notes section tell me your name and pick up location and I will deliver it to you with your share. BUT also, if you want another delivery from the farm in the week, you can do it this way. 

Nite nite.