Delivery update

Good Morning Noggins Alderney Landing CSA members,

I am sorry. Yesterday in the morning I drafted and thought I had sent you a message that Ian would deliver again at 11. In my haste I must have missed pushing a button because I can see now that the message did not go. Please accept my apologies. How frustrating and annoying! 

My message from a week ago regarding later (4pm) pickup can be deleted and ignored. Ian is able to bring the shares in on his truck on Wednesday for us until the end of the season. That means they will arrive around 11 AM and be available for pickup from the staff at Noggins.  To ensure you are not having to wait, I would assume they will be there by 12 to give Ian some wiggle room. 

Again, I am sorry I was not more careful to ensure you got the message. 

Take Care,