Egg Shortage in the CSA

Hello Egg Shareholders!

In order to supply eggs year-round, our certified organic layer flock has to be in peak form, meaning that older birds whose egg laying abilities have decreased are replaced by younger ones, who are just starting to lay. We are currently between flocks, meaning that our older gals have decided to retire earlier than we planned for, and the new gals aren't quite laying up to our needs yet.

So, what this means for you egg share holders is that we are going to distribute the shortage amongst all of you for a few weeks. If you have a half egg share, you will receive less than 6 eggs this week, and a full egg share will be less than a dozen (I don't want to count our eggs before the hens lay them, but I'm guessing 5 and 10 instead of 6 and 12). We are still feeding all these birds (incurring the costs), but the ladies are just not producing enough to fill all of our egg orders. So, bad news is: a few less eggs for everyonefor a few weeks, but the good news is: we have an extra-abundant veggie box for you this week!

Thanks so much for your understanding!

Teri Dillon
farm (902) 542-3277
cell (902) 698-9759
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