Eggs - Shortage

Take #3

Dear Members - I have drafted this notice to you two times and each time it gets deleted - hopefully this time all will send. 

I have gotten word that we have an egg shortage. 

All of you receive organic eggs from the farm. In the past few weeks the hens have started laying fewer eggs. This happens as the days get shorter and as the hens get older. 

Usually what we do is have new hens coming on as the older hens are slowing down. We do have them this year, but the new hens will not start laying until December. This is not an ideal situation for any of us because the hens have reduced to the point that we do not have enough eggs and the new hens are still young. 

I would like to apologize to the full monty members who have been shorted eggs. I want you to know that because of your messages to me, I became aware of the situation. The farm team is great a solving problems - not enough eggs, provide 1/2 dozen.  A solution it is just that I didn't know about it to communicate it to you. 

My suggestion going forward is to share the egg reduction with everyone - reduce the number of eggs everyone gets by 2 until the new hens start laying. At that time we will have unpredictable numbers and they will be smaller eggs, but we will be able to fill our commitment. Then for a number of weeks we will likely have an abundance in which case we will share that abundance with you. Hopefully this will all balance out in the end. 

If this is not satisfactory to you and you'd rather a different option, please email with what you'd like to do and we can sort it out on a person to person basis. 

I am so sorry we are in this situation. 

Take Care!