Eggs Available

Hello All,

Finally the new group of hens are laying and now we are finally able to offer more egg shares. 

If you would like an egg share please log in and you can sign up for one that will go until the middle of December the same as the TapRoot Fruit and Veggie Share. The hens have lots of space to run inside and outside to do their hen daily activities.  They are fed non gmo grains along with all of the animals here at the farm. 

For anyone who has a Valley Veggie or Valley Fruit share that ends next week, if you are planning to get the TapRoot Fruit and Veg for the rest of the year, you will only be charged one delivery fee, so if you sign up now for the eggs  and then you sign up next week for the fruit and veg share, the remaining delivery fee will be charged only once beginning after next week. I hope this makes sense. AND if you currently have a fruit and veg share you should just get the egg invoice. (if all is working properly in the world) 

Thanks a bunch,