End of week update

Good Afternoon, 

There are just a few things on my mind to share with you. 

Firstly, how exciting it is to walk about the farm and see so many new plants growing. Josh and I did a crop check this morning. I have uploaded 5 videos of our walk about. You can view them on our YouTube channel. I am not all that skilled with YouTube. But here we are. They are still uploading but here is where they will be: https://www.youtube.com/user/taprootfarms/featured

Online Shop Update: The online shop on the TapRoot and Noggins webpages has more items than our add on section. It is challenging to keep up with both. SO, we have created a delivery option on the online shop that is Pickup up with my CSA. You are welcome to order from this shop, vs the add on shop to get more selection of items if you wish. taprootfarms.ca/shop. AND just an FYI, if you do want a next day delivery of the Mother's Day boxes Carolyn and I made up, you can do that too.

Also I feel this is a need to share, like a public service announcement: Boulangerie Bakery is now offering frozen croissants and chocolatines. Lily made the croissants for us the other morning. They are so amazing! 

Maple Syrup - bulk order discount, order this weekend (like today)  if you haven't already. Log in, order, it will arrive this week with your shares. 

Long time CSA Member Maddi has an idea. What do you think? 

Hey Patricia! I was thinking it would be so cool to have a weekly challenge for folks to share photos of their cooking with their foodshares on social media. Maybe on Instagram using the hashtag TapRoot? The farm could share the weekly favourite or top few on their social media. Could be a cool way to create community online?What do you think?

I think it is a fun idea. I use the hashtag #scotiandiet and of course our farm tag is @taprootfarms and we also have used #taprootcsa

Would anyone be interested in helping to share this and then to help select or identify the weekly favourite? 
Thanks a bunch!

Link to the blog post of the idea: http://taproot.harvesthand.com/blog/post/Create-Community-Online-Idea 

Video submissions: 

A few weeks ago I mentioned in an email getting some video footage from you. I think I mentioned trying to use it as an opportunity to share why you do it, why you started, why you stopped, why you started again, what you like and don't like, etc.

Well, Kenneth of Paraluie- Communications has been a CSA member since the very start. He has offered to accept video footage and to work on compiling a little something we can use to help others understand what we are all about. Thank you so much Kenneth!  kenneth@parapluie-communications.com

It is likely easier if we have a submission deadline. How about if you get your submissions into Kenneth by May 24? My vision of the video is to hear/see in your words why you do this CSA thing.

Nettles and other early greens: for the next few weeks we will be featuring the early greens that come up first from our beautiful Earth. We are fortunate to have these early spring flavours to cleanse us and to nourish us. Nettles are really fun. They need to be treated with lots of respect. If you are on the TapRoot CSA 2020 FaceBook group there are already some recipes being shared for nettles. A google search for nettles will provide you lots of good recipes. AND finally, as it relates to nettles and other foods, if you take medications, check to be sure you are allowed to eat nettles. They are contraindicated with some conditions/medications. AND finally, finally, please embrace the nettles. These just might be one of the more challenging greens you will receive but they are fabulous when you learn to love them! 

Reminder, if you want to go back to once a week, please email me before Monday. It is fine either way! 

We are having the Dept. of Labour come on Monday for an inspection of the work place because we employ Temporary Foreign Workers. I wish I didn't get stressed by these things because we are doing things correctly as far as I know. I suppose when someone is coming to check up, it makes me wonder what I don't know. We do need more hand sanitizer around the farm. We have hand washing stations and hand washing kits, but we likely need more locations where people can access just hand sanitizer. Our on farm food safety protocols are strict and I don't want anyone to mix up hand sanitizer with hand washing (but still I best get more). We also have four separate working groups. There are three bunk houses and those who live in the houses are in working groups. Those who live together work together. AND then the local team are a group. There is no overlap between the groups by design. Anyway, the process is good. People need to be safe and the Dept is ensuring employers are working to keep them safe. 

It is now time to head home. I do not yet have week two posted yet. I will get it done likely tomorrow. 

OH....and I nearly forgot....We are getting a new pickup truck - new to us. It will come on Monday or Tuesday. We found one that has 55,000 kilometers, a basic truck. I am shocked at how much they cost. It has been a while. We have had the Ford for nearly as long as I can remember. We have used it right to the end. AND the TapRoot Van is still going with 500,000++ km's. We will be getting a new one next week too. YIKES! The current van will become a farm van moving product and people from place to place. The new van will be the delivery van. So, if you come to pickup and the van is totally white with no dents, no decals and no rust, you will know the transaction has occurred. 

Okay, time to head home and get some supper on the go. 

This photo was taken on Sunday by Jenna from Five Girls Baking in Liverpool. Here we are, two middle aged farmers. 

Sunday is my day to do the donation boxes. It is going very well and people are very appreciative. It is something I can do. 

Hugs and love to you all,