Ending Week 8

Hello CSA Members,

I hope you are enjoying this interesting day (ice, snow, big dark clouds, rays of sunshine).  I have had a nice day in the office getting caught up on various things (emails, piles of papers, sales stuff, etc) which feels really good. The shares are posted and I have done the calculating for the shares value and where we are at with that so I am sure to make up for our week away. 

Our time away was wonderful. Spending so many days with our nieces was special. We certainly created some fun memories together. I have been missing them since we got home. Our older kids just don't need us in the same way, the demands are different. It is kind of nice being woken up at 5:30 or 6 AM, having a child or two climbing into snuggle and asking for things every morning.   

How did you make out with the week? 

Last evening I made sliced and boiled sweet potatoes, cubed then boiled and mashed celeriac, rice and sauteed rabbit meat. I added a little butter to the celeriac before I mashed it. It was all so delicious. I am spoiled by the flavours of the food we grow. It took a few pots but it was simple and delicious. 

March 20th - we are hosting an event on the farm in the evening. It will be a tour, a talk and food. I created a FB event if us use it. Please plan to come if you can. 

An update on inventory: 

The potatoes are nearly gone, this was the last week for potatoes in the shares unless we purchase some from another farmer which we may plan to do. There are a few bins of cabbage left. We have lots of rutabaga, yahoo! (wink wink) Lots of carrots! Lots of large onions. 

We will soon begin seeding. The seeds have all arrived. Except for leeks. The seed we usually purchase, there is none. So we need to decide what to do. Also same with potatoes, they rotted and are not good for seed and so we need to find a different supplier this year. It is quite something the ripple effects of a poor season. 

Regarding shares, my math and thinking:

Egg Share Holders - this coming week, week 9 and the following week, week 10 I will send 1/2 dozen eggs in addition to your dozen to make up for the missed week. 

Meat Share Holders - after this coming week, week 9, we will owe you $3 of value for your meat share. We will add this value to week 10.

Veggie/Fruit Share Holders - after this coming week, week 9, we will owe you $6 of value for your share. We will spread this value out over week 10 and 11. 

All members who get a delivery, we also owe you for the value of the delivery. We will send you this value in week 12. 

Week 9 is March 4, Week 10 is March 11, Week 11 is March 18 and Week 12 is March 25. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! Josh is off to Seaport Market tomorrow. I am getting Frank to basketball tournament in the city and collecting a farm guest at the airport from The Netherlands who is here to work with flax. It will be an exciting weekend. 


Below: Here is a moment of Josh and I relaxing early in the morning. Dreamy really. We both had good books when we weren't caring for kiddos. Here we are, your farmers on vacation. And a picture of what we we ate, which is not much different than home)