Extra! Extra! Read All About It!: cookbooks have arrived

These cookbooks just arrived. I have added them to the Add On section of the CSA site. You can log in and order for delivery this week. (midnight tonight cut off). I also added Arugula greens and Asparagus. 

Just a quick word about this book. I have been using this cookbook for years and really love it. We use to sell it a bunch of years ago. You can find recipes in here for nearly all veggies and fruit that arrive in your CSA box. Simply in Season yes but also, Simply in your CSA box. 

Also, another fun bit is that one of our long time CSA members worked on the edit of this amazing book.  If you don't have this cook book already I highly recommend it. Even if you do, like me if you enjoy reading cook books, this one now has so much more reading material. They reference the Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Which is also an amazing read if you haven't read it. Oh boy, I am feeling excited to read! 

In other news....we are planting lettuce today, seeding squash, bagging greens, watering zucchini and broccoli that look in rough shape from the dry weather, preparing some land for the next plantings of zucchini, green onions, peas, beans  and lettuce, putting posts up in the tunnels for the tomatoes, watching for more kid goats to arrive, checking on insect traps for garlic pest research,  and chasing pigs back into the pen. 

Best wishes to you from all of us here at the farm.