Fall on the Farm

Hi Everyone, 

My past couple of emails have revolved around your vegetables. I figured it was time to touch base on whats happening here on the farm.  

Fall is a bit of a whirlwind. Don't get me wrong summer on the farm is a b-u-s-y time, there are greens popping up left right and center (sometimes they pop up a little too fast and we miss them) But if summer is b-u-s-y, fall could be categorized  as B-U-S-Y.

All of our storage crops that we had seeded around 3 months ago have come up! (yay!) It is a fantastic feeling when you see these plants in all their glory.  When we first plant our seeds to germinate there are so many unknowns: "Will it grow?  Will they produce enough? Will the weather be fair? Will the pests have a low impact?" Come September when those seeds have matured into leeks, squash, brussel sprouts and potatoes there is really no better feeling! 

Our crops that come on later in the year are an important part of our farm. They give us the ability to work into the winter months. They are long lasting  in cold storage and will feed us until the spinach comes up again in march! These crops were also able to bear the brunt of the winds that came along with hurricane Dorian. 

Our Farm came out on the other side of the hurricane relatively unscathed. We did end up taking most of the plastic covers off of our tomato tunnels. Which meant those vines got hit by some serious winds. But the structure of our tunnels remained in tact. We worked hard to harvest as many ripe tomatoes as we could before the storm. And we still had lots of green tomatoes that even with some of the plants going into shock, we are able to harvest the fruits once they ripen. It just cut usually longer tomato season a little short. 

That being said we still have oodles of grape tomatoes. And the field tomatoes are rolling in s-l-o-w-l-y. Other crops that are feeling a little shook and not producing as much/long as we were hoping are:









Harvesting is the major activity that goes on this time of year. But there is lots of movement in other areas of the farm too.  Josh has been busy working the on finishing up his Nuffield Scholar paper, all around the world of flax and other plant fibres. We are all feeling very proud of the work he has done and continues to do for the farming communities! Three Cheers for Josh! 

Makaila has been keeping her team in the pack-shed busy. Fall means larger wholesale orders from different shops and restaurants around the province. Every Thursday we drop off our produce to; the Pete's stores in Halifax, Organic Earth Market, Local Source and Noggins Corner Farm in Bedford. Our van is getting packed to maximum capacity which is very rewarding. (Also three cheers for Makaila and her team!) 

~ ~ ~ ~

About two weeks ago, Patricia sent out an email about one of our team members being taken to Hospital. I just wanted to let everyone know, that he is now back home on the farm to start a long recovery process. He spent about 2 weeks at the Hospital in Halifax and came home this past Monday. It was a very tender time for everyone here and many trips to the city were made to keep him company. Patricia went pretty well every day. It was a really great feeling to be able to hug and support him when he returned to the farm.  His wife is here now  (she flew in from Jamaica on Tuesday morning) And the two of them will be flying back to Jamaica in the next week or so. What a journey, and a big thanks to everyone for their support with the Go Fund me campaign. 


Lastly, we have 15 turkeys this year for pre-order for Thanksgiving weekend. They are large birds about 25 - 30 lbs. They have been fed non-GMO grain for their whole life span and have lived out on pasture as free range birds. We send them to Reids Meats in Gaspereau for butchering and they are frozen immediately. If anyone is interested in ordering please order via harvest hand.  The price is $4.25 per lbs.  If you are planning on ordering please give us ideal weight and we will try and match your order with a bird. 

We also have an over abundance of frozen whole chickens. We are going to do a freezer blow out of $3.00 per lbs on all chickens. Chickens range in weight from 2.5 - 4.00 lbs. I will be posting these on Harvest Hand as well. 

Thank you for supporting us these past 32 weeks (and counting!) We wouldn't be able to farm the way we do without you folks, you definitely hold a special place in our hearts! Have a lovely weekend. 



P.S. We are hosting a Fun Run/Walk at the Farm October 27th. It is a 3 km cross county track around the farm, feel free to dress up as a pre-Halloween celebration and of course to celebrate the ending of a busy harvest season. 

More information and registration here