Farm Check In

Good Evening CSA Members, 

Today was CSA making day. Adrian and I made the first 70 shares and then Alley came and helped make the rest. This week there is a big basket of bosc pears from Noggins and a bag of organic Red Delicious for the fruit part. You have 2 cobs of popcorn. One cob is enough for a bag of popcorn. You can put one cob in the paper bag into the microwave for 4 minutes, stopping when it finishes popping. OR you can use your hand and take the popcorn off the cob to put into an air popper. Oh it is such a treat. 

In the shares are also the last of the yellow onions. We have many more red but this is the end of yellow. 

We have got the seeds ordered but let me tell you, it has been like no other year. Items are sold out, out of stock, back ordered. Seed companies have special notices saying they are only taking orders on certain days or only dealing with email because the call volume is too high. One company told us not to order online because the sales are happening so fast they can't keep it all updated and then commercial orders are compromised. I actually feel sincerely scared about our seed supply (globally). With many veggies we need to choose a different seed than we usually get because it is not available. Often all of the large volumes are sold out but the small packages are still available. 

I am really glad we have them all ordered and some have already arrived. That feels really good. 

ALSO getting our organic potting soil this year is also up in the air. It is ordered but the company is back ordered. We are praying we get one pallet for mid February, but they are telling their distributor that they won't have more until late March. Late March is too late. We will see how that unfolds, but all to feels very volatile over here where I am sitting. 

We have more farmers from the Atlantic provinces than ever before calling and asking us if we have any extra vegetables to sell them (we have some rutabaga and cabbage:)). This is also new. 

AND so, I take a deep breath. Remind myself to be in the present moment. Think positively. We have a cooler 1/2 full of food. We have 8 lovely people who show up to prepare food and make it available to us. We have you, CSA members who depend on us as we depend on you. We live in Nova Scotia. We have very healthy soil at TapRoot Farms that gives back. This soil nurturing is directly related to you, our CSA members. You have invested in the soil. 

For those of you on Facebook I posted a few images today! AND a recipe idea for watermelon radish. 

I am off now to take Lily and Frank to the optometrist, it has been a while. Izaak our oldest is doing great teaching snow boarding in Kimberley BC. It was really sweet last evening, Frank facetimed him. After the call we chatted about missing him. It has been two months since he left. For his little brother Frank, it is starting to feel like a long time. 

Over and out! 


(your middle aged woman farmer)