Farm Check-in & Hello

Good Afternoon, 

Here we are August 27th and burr it is so cold today. Welcome to a new season. Funny, I don't feel ready yet. 

This week you got a kohlrabi in the fruit and veg box. It is the green round thing with greens sticking up from it. You can eat the greens and then peel and eat the kohlrabi raw or feel free to cook it. We love it raw in our house. 

I regret that I haven't got a newsletter out to you in some time. It has been a particularly challenging August for me to get my head in a space to craft and send a newsletter. My thoughts are not fully formed before I run off to do something else. Overall, it has been a good financial decision not to rehire for wholesale manager position but it means more tasks in the same amount of time for me and Josh and Katelyn too. We are sharing the extra work load. 

Friday, tomorrow we have our first of two audits. This one is for our on farm food safety program. It will take nearly all day. The auditor will review all of our records including: manure/fertility applications, seeding dates, harvest dates, knife cleaning records, shipping records, hand sanitizing, etc etc. Also they will tour the entire farm and they will interview staff and in the end, we will get a score. The next audit will be Sept 21 for our certified organic audit. 

The rain this week was a joyful moment for us all. Everyone could not help but smile and sing out in the rain. It was great! 

I am sorry meat share members. Izaak and I had a miscommunication. Next week we will fix things up. The additional 2 packs of drumsticks and 1 ground beef will be sent along to make up for what was missed. Lesson learned for me, to always double check and to ask for the information to be repeated back to me so I know it was received as I had intended. The dance of delegating and letting go. It is hard to do and feels even more challenging with my children. I am constantly wondering if I am being to hard on them or not expecting as much as I would if it were someone else. Anyway, I am learning and I am sorry that you are the ones suffering this week because of my continued learning and evolving. 

There are additional items added to the add on section - roma tomatoes, field tomatoes, corn etc in larger quantities for anyone wishing to preserve. 

I was speaking with Dad the other day. He says the blue plums are now being harvested and he is irrigating the orchards. He is a man of few words these days as he moves about responding to the demands of the farm. 

Josh is telling me that we had 21mL of rain. Mark and Cornelius have been working at irrigation and they are happy to have a break from hauling pipe around. We have been thinning the apples, that means taking some off the trees so the other apples grow bigger. We have had team of 7 people working at it for a week. Right now Josh is updating some of his records so it is easier for the auditor to read them. He uses a white board to jot things down and needs to transfer the information to the correct forms. He is quite focused on that right now. 

Frank had a bicycle accident last Tuesday. He broke his thumb and hit his head quite badly leaving one side of his face swollen and banged up. That was last weeks adventure. He is doing fine and we are very thankful that after 48 hours his head (concussion symptoms) were cleared up and he was back to being our Frank. I don't know much about these things but I feel head injury is the scariest  because you just don't know. Anyway, he has a cast for another four weeks and his head is healing up nicely. 

Also this month we have personally been reminded of how fragile we are and how precious every moment is. One moment we are well. The next moment we are not. It is so easy to forget how precious it is. This moment right now is what we have. Learning how to visualize healing light and focus it toward our friend has been my preoccupation for the past 18 days. 

It is a joy to grow veggies for you and to meet you, to make eye contact and to hand you the box of food. I wish I could greet each of you each week, to know all of your faces and names by heart. I love that we are doing this together. We are entering into the most abundant time of the year on the farm. This is a time for us to take time to freeze, can, dehydrate as much as we can for use in the months ahead. AND to enjoy the farm, the flavours, and each other. 

Hugs and love to you all,


(your middle aged woman farmer) 

ps. the image was taken when Josh and I were checking the irrigation Sunday night. The irrigation pipe runs through the pasture for our cattle. We have a new calve.