Farm Tour Tomorrow

Hello Members - new, returning and retired. 

You are all invited to join us tomorrow for a farm walk. 

It will be a long walk so please be prepared for some exercise. Wear good walking/hiking footwear and give the kids a heads up that it will be long, just so they know. 

We will check in on many of the fields, the animals and the areas where the tunnels grow crops. 

1 PM start time (Saturday April 30) - 3 PM  (this is approximate time, it may be shorter) 

Everyone is welcome. Stroller that have 4x4 will be fine. You will be walking along paths, in fields, along the road,  and up through orchards. 

451 Canard Street, Port Williams NS (click for google map) - if you park along the street, please part to one side only so that if large farm equipment comes along they can get through. 

This is the first of three walks that will follow the same route so you can see how the farm changes over the season. 

We look forward to seeing you!

Patricia & Josh and the whole TapRoot Team

ps. you are welcome to stroll through the farm at 1736 Church Street if you like as well. Take yourself on a self guided tour there. The market stand will be open.