Farm Update

Hello Everyone,

There has been a lot on the go. I am sure it has been busy for you as well! What a time.  (the week of Dec 10th is our final week of deliveries) 


We have a new website. I haven't splashed it out to the world yet because we are not ready. It needs some fine tuning that is happening on Friday. is now refreshed  AND there is a dedicated TapRoot CSA space which is at

To access your share list or to login, go to You will need to save this url in your bookmarks. It is like your secret TapRoot CSA space. 


I have launched the sale of shares to CSA members. You can log in and purchase a share.

Friendly WARNING: there are major changes for the winter.

Please know that for the summer and fall season of CSA we are planning to have all of the delivery locations back again as they are now. 

We are in a time of really tightening, with plans that by summer we will have invested in marketing and sales to increase the volume of shares in the van so each trip to the city is full up. 

Other changes include, reduction of number of hens, therefore only eggs for full monty this winter shares. Increase in the value in the meat share. Offering a monthly meat share and a monthly full monty box. If you feel you'd like to see other monthly options please let me know. AND reduced delivery locations. This is a big one. Share sales will be open for non CSA members next week.

TapBucks and Garden Plots

We are launching TapBucks that you can purchase to use at any Noggins locations (and hopefully other locations as we evolve) and this year we will offer garden plots on the farm 6 ft x 25 ft to support those wishing to grow their own food. 

IN CLOSING, every year when we launch the shares I overlook something important. Please forgive me in advance for this. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone who has provided a space for pickup, has been sharing the seasons along with us and who has been so helpful in moving the farm forward.  In the spring our future looked really bleak. We all put our heads down and focused hard on the farm and now we are ending our year in a much better place than we started.  These changes to our farm and our CSA model offering are scary for us, but it feels like it is what the farm needs right now, a time to reduce, regroup, recharge while continuing to serve our loyal and trusting friends. 

Sending great big flashes of love and good health your way, 

Patricia & Josh and the farm