Farm Update and Hello

Good Morning,

Friday. Saturday and Monday we had a big weeding focus on the storage carrots and beets. It was a now or never situation and after three solid days, those crops will now flourish. The weeds creep up and take over so fast. We go from plant, plant, plant to weed, weed, weed. AND of course then to harvest. The diversity of the farm is now starting to show. Strawberries are over now, these final pints in your share this week are it for the 2021 organic strawberry harvest. We are really happy with how many we harvested this year. AND the sweet cherries have started. Patrick has harvested the first few tubs. How exciting. They will be in the shares next week for sure. Bob was bagging the basil this week and oh my the smell in the warehouse was so nice. Lots of greens and reds now. 

I was away last week. I took Lily and Frank to visit with their great Aunt and Uncle and to have some fun on the beach. We were at Green Bay, NS. It feels impossible to leave the farm between July through to November and so I slipped away and had a really nice time with the kids. We haven't done a summer beach get away in about 3 years it seems. Josh and Izaak were able to join us on the weekend, but the rest of the week was the three of us. We are carless too which added an element of freedom to the trip. We had to walk or bike if we wanted anything. Thanks to everyone here at the farm who did my job for me, making it possible to get away. I finished reading my book I have been working on for a year. That feels great! Also, spending time with Josh's aunt and uncle was really special. I walked down and had early morning coffee & visit with them each day. It feels like a tremendous gift. 

Update on Add -On's - if you would like to order items to be delivered with your CSA box you are able to do so via At the check out select Deliver with my CSA as the delivery option and in the memo say which location you pick up at. Your order will arrive with your CSA. You can order anytime before Wednesday, I think the cutoff is midnight Tuesday, but any orders that are there at 5 AM Wednesday will get picked, packed and delivered . If you have any questions please reach out. 

Music in Communities is having three music events at TapRoot this summer. I am just letting you know in case you are interested in coming. You could email Kim if you are looking for more info: (August 20 and 21 Mark Riley Project and August 6 Jah'Mila). 

Enjoy the share this week. Such wonderful flavours! Peas, Basil, Garlic Scapes, Green Onions, Raspberries, OH MY YUM! 

Take Care,