Farm Update

Hi All,

There are frozen blueberries this week - please remember to grab them with your share. They will be in a cooler, not in the share boxes. 

If you ordered maple syrup it will be delivered tomorrow. 

If you are on every two week delivery, do not come tomorrow. If you ordered maple syrup, it will be delivered next week. 

Meat share update: some of the roasts were really big so some of you may get chicken, roast and sausage, some roast and sausage and some roast only depending on the sizes of them. 

Monday we had to remove all of the brussels sprouts from the cooler and set them out in the yard. The cooler decided to break. It started last week, one cooler stopped working, the compressor went. These are regularly serviced units. The temp's were a little high but not damagingly high. It took a few days for them to get a new compressor in and get it fixed. Once they got it going, the other cooler unit had a liquid slug get into it and it completely ruined it and that caused a serious issue of the temperature going up way to high over the weekend. They arrived Monday, identified the problem and have ordered a new compressor. Luckily it is cold out now so all the doors are wide open and we are depending on the cool air outside to keep the veggies cool until the 2nd compressor arrives and is installed. It looks like we have lost at least 20 bins of brussels sprouts. They turn yellow so easily and quickly if the conditions are not ideal. It is sickening. We do pay for insurance and we do have insurance for mechanical breakdowns and product loss so we have called them and we are sorting out working through that. I am concerned that the other products will have been impacted but we will just need to watch and wait. I just keep reminding myself to be in this moment now, lots of delicious food available to us, cold temperatures outside but not so cold everything would freeze and a compressor on order. 

This is the time of year that I spend more time reviewing the accounts to be sure we accounted for everything and start preparing for year end. Of course throughout the year I follow and keep an eye on the accounts but this year I tried on purpose to do that less in hopes that it would be less burdensome. It worked I would say. In December 2019 we made the decision to keep moving forward even though we had three really devastating years financially. We created a 10 year plan, really tightened up and stopped fearing it, stood up tall to take it on. What is humbling is that in just a year (2019) we can have such a loss that it takes 10 years to recover. Fragile is one way to put it. Today are 1/2 way to where we need to be each year which means we are 1/2 way better than last year and so for that I am thankful! Now, here we are, December 2020 and we are looking forward to 2021: Year 2 of a 10 year farm viability plan.

In other news, Bolo, Kingsley and Linden are heading back to Jamaica in the early morning. Today they harvested 12 bins of kale. We are planning it will hold (keep quality) for shares and sales in the coming weeks. There is a general excitement in the air as the men prepare for heading home. We are all so happy for them to return to their families. 

Wishing you a delicious week!