Farm Update

Hello All,

We got this message from a CSA member. Thank you Maureen! We thought you might appreciate this recipe too. 

Good afternoon, received your Email about this weeks CSA and had to respond. Scapes Scapes and more scapes. I'm in heaven. 

Yes we do pesto to freeze, but thought I'd add this easy recipe.
Compound butter.
Fine dice scapes, I use the food processor once tips removed.(can be stringy)
1 cup diced scapes
1 cup butter
1/2 T lemon juice
dash salt
Roll into log wrap in saran or parchment , freeze. Once frozen, slice into portions of desired size; return portions to freezer. Will keep for 3-4 months.
Handy for sauteing ; making gravies/ sauces. I've dropped one into a steaming pot of just strained pasta.
This week we were planning to put a new cabbage into the share box BUT the broccoli is ready. So, at the last minute we decided that broccoli won't store like cabbage will so broccoli this week, cabbage next week. Sorry for the last minute change but we didn't plant as much broccoli this year for the early harvest so this really is a now or never until fall sort of broccoli offering. 
The greens in the share box are Callaloo. The men who work at Taproot and who live in Jamaica started to grow it a few years ago. 
Here are two recipes:
Sheana's favourite recipe.
Sheana is a teenager who arrived to Nova Scotia the beginning of 2020. She worked on the farm last summer and after finishing her grade 11 year with high honours (way to go Sheana!) she is back again working with us and saving for all the things people need to save for. It is really great having her here. 
Rinse and finely chop the callaloo.
Heat the pot with a sprinkle of oil over medium heat. Add the callaloo. Let it steam for about 25 minutes. Stir often so it doesn't burn (maybe every 5 minutes). Sheana says that you can eat it harder or softer depending on how you like it. She likes it just in between and so she tastes it to see if it is done to her liking and continues or stops cooking depending. When it is done turn of the heat and set to the side. Sheana likes hers with salt fish. In another pot she cooks the salt fish for about 17 minutes because she doesn't like the salt so boils it longer. If you like salt you can cook it for less time. When it is cooked, place the fish in water and then pick it apart with your hands. Then add the fish pieces to the callaloo and give it all a stir. Then serve. If you wish, you can cook it all in one pot. Add the fish about 10 minutes into the callaloo cooking. 
Kingsley's recipe for callaloo: 
Rinse and chop it fine or coarse depending on what you like. 
1 onion chopped
1 spring of thyme chopped
1 green scallion chopped
1 sweet pepper chopped
In a pot with oil or butter sauteed all the ingredients together, keep stirring it so it won't stick. Cook  for about 15 minutes. 
In 15 minutes it will be ready to eat. 
You can eat it with anything you want - rice, dumping, bread, Irish potatoes. In Jamaica he eats it every day. While in Canada he says he has a 50/50 chance of eating it every day. 
I hope you enjoy! 
In other farm news.... it is garlic harvest time and we could sure use some help harvesting. If you feel up to coming to spend an hour or 4 with a garden fork harvesting garlic you are more than welcome to come. If you do want to, please send off an email when you would like to come harvest and we will send you the details on how to get to the field. It is ideal for me if you say something like " 4 of us will come Friday at 1", that way we don't have a lot of back and forth about when is best. Anytime is best. You let me know and I will arrange for someone, if not me, to greet you and get you harvesting away. HEY....if you like to camp....come and tent near the farm house with access to the bathroom and shower, harvest some garlic, visit some wineries, the beach, walk the farm. Oh boy....I think I am dreaming up my own organic  CSA farm garlic harvest get-a-way
Fruit/Veg box - OH AND..... all but 29 pints of the blueberries are our very own TapRoot Certified Organic Bluberries - this makes me feel really happy. To have a large enough harvest to provide your nearly everyone feels really great! 
The fruit share also got changed this week because the plums and nectarines are ready.  
Okay - off I go delivering. 
Thanks a bunch!
(your middle aged woman farmer)