Farm update and the last of the peppers

Happy Voting Day Everyone! 

In your shares this week you are getting the last harvest of both Jalapenos Peppers and Green Bell Peppers. I've added 5 lbs Green Peppers and 5 lbs  Jalapenos peppers to the Add On's list, for anyone who would like do do some preserving or drying of peppers for the winter month. We will have a small amount left next week and then peppers are gone until next summer. 

Did you know:

Green Bell peppers turn into red peppers as the ripen. If you have ever left a green pepper on your counter, you may have noticed it begin to change colour. Over time green peppers will ripen, increase in sweetness and change its colour. With this being the end of season for our peppers there may be the chance that your green pepper goes a little soft before it has the chance to fully transition to red. Keep and eye on this,  and enjoy your bell peppers how ever you like, bitter green or sweeter red :) 

You're also getting the last of our spinach harvest. After that we will rely on kale, cabbage and hopefully a bit more lettuce until spring brings us some warmer weather, and more leafy greens. 


Makaila with some of the spinach harvest from Friday

Farm Update:

Last week the guys dug up the last of our fingerling potatoes, which means all of our potatoes are out of the ground and into bins in our cold storage! I feel like it was not long ago that I sent out a message about our first new potatoes coming out of the time flies! We also have all of our squash out of the field and the tomatoes have finally slowed down. Fall brings on a bit of a strange time as things transition into a slower work environment, and the weeds and old crops turn yellow and brown and fade back into the soil. 

It also means a lot of the work on the farm moves from harvesting higher rotating field crops like; swiss chard, green onions and lettuce; and we move into our winter storage vegetables like; cabbage, onions, potatoes and beets. And of course fall in the Annapolis Valley  means lots of apple picking! You can find our organic apples in all of the Noggins Corner Farm Markets, and some small grocers  in the city: Local Source, Organic Earth Market, Pete's Frootique. 

If anyone is heading down to Wolfville this week for Devour! Trish will be hosting a Gleaning workshop with Found Forgotten Food  on Thursday October 24th at 11:00 am.  Here is a link to the full festival line up

Finally we are hosting a 3km Fun Run/Walk on the farm this coming Sunday October 27th. Details can be found here. 

Enjoy the rest of your week and  see you all soon!