Farmer Josh

Dear CSA members,

It has been a week now, and I think it is time that we let you know that Josh is in the hospital. (you may already know from my facebook posts)

Last Saturday Josh wasn't feeling the best. He also started to have some redness and soreness in his knee. By evening, he was in very bad shape, enough that I took him to emergency.

He ended up being admitted to the hospital on Wednesday where we have been ever since.

There are many more details of which I will not burden you with. Basically he has an infection in his leg near his knee. The antibiotics aren't working as fast as we'd all like. We do understand now that this will be a slow long healing journey - like 4-10 weeks.

We just wanted you to know what is up with Josh and also that your support of TapRoot is tremendously meaningful as we are tested this year with so many challenges on the farm.  Knowing you are there, behind us makes all the difference!

Take Good Care!

Josh & Patricia