Feb. 20: Deliveries on, but we're watching the weather

Hi everyone,

The forecast for the Valley today calls for really yucky freezing rain, and the schools are closed... again!  Right now the roads are fine and so far, we are keeping deliveries on, but wanted to let you know that we may have to cancel if the weather turns once the time comes for the vehicles to be out driving (that includes you, if you have a pick-up).  So, please check your inbox today before you go out to pick-up, and we'll keep you posted if we do cancel.  (If you hear nothing more today, assume we are going ahead with deliveries/pick-ups).

Thanks so much for your understanding.  Please email if you are not going to make your delivery today due to the weather and we can make other arrangements.


Teri Dillon

farm (902) 542-3277
cell (902) 698-9759
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