Flower Shares Start Next Week!

Things are blooming!

Your Flower Shares will begin arriving at your regular pick up location, beginning the week of July 1st. If your pick up location is self-serve, your flowers will be in a labeled white bucket. Each bouquet (like your vegetable, meat or fruit shares) will be quite similar.

Flowers were seeded near the end of winter and into the spring. Transplants grew in the heated greenhouse, and were later moved to rows outdoors. We also have plans to harvest from perennial gardens and use the varied resources on the farm.

Your shares will be cut the morning of your delivery day, or late Friday evening for Saturday deliveries. Our hope is that your flowers last a very long time. But, like fruit or vegetables, cut flowers have a shelf life. Some last a surprisingly long time in a vase, others wilt more quickly, some notoriously quickly.


Tips for Cut Flowers

Snip a bit off stem bottoms each time you change the water.

Changing the water every couple of days is helpful.

Direct sunlight is not ideal for cut flowers.

Remove any lower leaves or flowers that may rest in water.

Trim, remove, or replace spent flowers from bouquet.

Thank you again to those of you who have purchased a flower share, and to those of you who expressed an interest. We hope that each week is a pleasant surprise. It should be a fun adventure!


(This is from Tim, but if you have any questions about the start of flower shares, please let me know!  -Teri)