Food and Health Update

Good Morning,

I do hope you are able to see this morning sun. It is warming and beautiful. I think today is definitely a get outside kind of day. 

Thank you for the feed back. Here is the plan I am suggesting:

If anything changes, please be in touch. 

On the farm end.... There are usually two of us who make the shares. Me and Tim. We will continue to do what we do as part of our on farm food safety program, washing hands before share making. Also as part of our on farm food safety program we don't work if we are sick. HOWEVER, We will be extra attentive to ourselves and if we have any signs of symptoms of cold/flu we (me or Tim) will not make the shares. ALSO, we will thoroughly wash all of the delivery trays each week with a bleach solution. 

If there is anything else you would like to see us do to provide comfort to you please let me know. 

Again, please enjoy this beautiful Saturday in Nova Scotia. I have been saying to myself this week, "this moment now, this moment now, this moment now". It is so easy to get caught up in the flurry. We do need to be vigilant, but, we are also living right now, so if you are anything like me and you can get swept away easily, I invite you to join me in, this moment now. I feel so fortunate to be sending you this message, connecting directly to you from the farm. 

Your Farmer,