Four Quick Things

Hello CSA members:

1) Recipe, 2) Special Offer, 3) Meal box, 4) Egg Shares available.

1) Anne-Marie (a long time CSA member) send along this recipe she enjoys for Kohlrabi - Please share your ideas with us and we will pass them on.  See the image on the right. 

2) I am working to promote our Farmstay guest house. We would like to offer all of our CSA members a discounted rate of $175 per night for renting the guest house.

You can access this discounted rate by contacting us directly OR a bit more easily for your planning, by checking out our listing on AirBnB (Holiday at TapRoot: An Organic Farm Experience).

If you contact us/inquire via AirBnb about specific dates we can then send you back a special offer that you can then book. Let me know in the message that you are a CSA member, in case I forget a name (highly likely).  

We have also just launched at Chore Time weekly event on the farm. Josh and I are making Sunday Mornings available to host guests for chore time. You can learn more about it here:

3) Meal Boxes - we are now offering meal boxes. We are getting the other ingredients from our friend, long time CSA member and local entrepreneur, Amanda at EOS. We will launch one every two weeks for the next while. They will be available in the add on section for CSA members. 

4) Eggs - there are a few more dozen eggs available as shares that you can purchase if you wish. You can log in and sign up for the egg share. They will also be available as add on's. I plan to have 10 dozen a week available in the add on section.

Okay, that is it. Have a great day!