Friday Hello!

Hoping you are having a lovely Friday afternoon wherever you are. 

Here on the farm we are really enjoying the sun. Josh has just arrived home after being away for 7 whole weeks. It has been quite an adventure for him and for us. Josh was awarded a Nuffield Scholarship and this travel was a part of his experience as a member of the Nuffield community.  He spent 10 days with 77 other scholars from around the world in The Netherlands for a 10 day contemporary study course. Then headed off with 7 other scholars on a 6 week tour of agriculture that took them to Oregon, Washington DC, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Kenya and South Africa. He arrived home just in time for this fantastic planting weather. 

I have posted the shares. If you haven't cooked with Sunchokes, also known as Jerusalem Artichokes you may wish to do a bit of research. These spring treats are high in potassium and  iron. They have an interesting spring flavour. In our house, as with most things we roast them. Also we grate them in salad. They are a welcomed new flavour.

This evening is another night of full on activity at the farm. Josh is out with a team of people prepping the land for more seeding. 

In other news... 

Izaak our eldest has just got his beginners license this week. Exciting!  (oh my goodness)

Have a great weekend!