Friday News

Hello All,

Just a quite note to say this week we made a few mistakes. Maple syrup miscount. Late deliveries and missing a few things and a couple of mix ups. I guess it was just that sort of week. I am getting emails but the in box is filled up and I have not been in touch with everyone who has emailed. I will work to do this over the weekend and get ourselves sorted and ready for a nice flowing week next week. If you want to make any changes to your delivery please let me know by Monday. Thank you for your patience. 

On the farm today we are weeding carrots & flaming the bean patch just before the beans emerge. We are getting the tunnels up in Canard. Also getting manure spread in the tunnels in Canard. We have all but one row of tomatoes planted in the tunnels at Church Street. We harvested the spinach heavily for the shares so we are eagerly awaiting more growth for next week. Fingers crossed for nice growing days. 

We are hoping by this evening some land will be dry enough to disc and harrow and plant with peas and beans. We are seeding cabbage into tray to get it started in the greenhouse for the late season cabbage. Also we are giving the transplants in the greenhouse a dose of fertility to help them keep on going until they are out in the fields. We are also pruning spurs on the gala apple trees. This is to help get larger sized gala, by trimming every second fruiting location. So we get one big one instead of 2 small ones. 

The sheep shearer called and he will come tomorrow or Sunday depending on the weather.  We got the new van this week. It is hard to believe, but it is true, we did. We registered the first van in 2010. This feels like a very positive sign that we are ready for our next 10 years!  I am trying to think of what the next ten year slogan should be for the side of the van. Any ideas? 

Wishing you a fantastic weekend! 


(ps. I have challenged myself to 21 days of yoga. It starts for me at 4 PM. I am feeling super tentative about it. It will be so good for me but for some reason I am scared. I guess because I want to be successful but I am also quite lazy when it comes to self care. Wish me luck.)