Friday November 20, 2020

Good Afternoon CSA Members,

I just have a few updates from the farm for you.


We have launched the 2nd maple syrup bulk purchase offer. If you want some, log in, scroll below this week's share listing, and look under bulk add on items and there you can purchase a 2L jug of maple syrup. ( You  can order and send an  etransfer or you can pay with paypal in the moment, whatever works best for you. OR cheques or or. Any questions about payment please ask Katelyn (

The cost is $30. We will collect the orders over a two week period and we will place the order with Hutchinson's on December 3rd. Then on December 9th we will deliver all of the maple syrup. You can order as many as you like. Please note: the online order system can only order for the week ahead, so I will keep track of all the orders and write them onto the delivery sheet for Dec 9th. There will be no maple syrup until Dec 9th no matter what your invoice says. 


We are getting all of the drop apples collected. We have had really great sales of drop apples this year. The price has really gone up which is super helpful. We are nearly finished getting all of the orchards cleaned up. We are also getting all of the poles, plastic mulch and strings cleaned out of the grape tomato tunnels. This often gets left because we run out of time. This year we started the harvesting sooner and so we now have more time to get these other production tasks completed. We are busy in the packing shed washing and packaging veggies. This past week we had a very full delivery van with additional orders into the city.

It feels like it is taking a long time to plant the garlic because I keep mentioning that it is happening, but it is because we are planting a lot, quite a bit more than last year. Here we are mid November and we have completely sold out of garlic so I suppose planting more is a good idea. 

In my last email communication I mentioned Izaak (our oldest) departing. He goes on Wednesday, this week. Thank you for your kind emails. It has been an interesting internal journey for me. Shortly after I wrote to you our 'in house' accountant was in working. We were working away and I told him that Izaak was heading off. I mentioned how I was feeling happy for him and sad for me. He challenged me, 'what are you sad about?'. I said if I told him I would cry. To which he replied, 'cry then'. I explained how I have loved having Izaak around for 18 years and I have spent most of my time considering how to best serve him and then going about doing it. The idea of not having him around makes me sad, I will miss him. He listened and then said directly but caringly, 'stop being selfish'. Ha! AND after that, I did reframe it. I am really excited for him! 

Starting next week, Brogan will be back helping us to build shares on Tuesdays. Her season is finished on their small farm (first year, so great) so the timing is perfect for her to step in and help. Izaak departs, Brogan returns. I am thankful and looking forward to more woman around the farm. There are three of us now...more will be great. 

We are so fortunate to have this great weather. We are nearing in on the full end of the season and the year. People start heading home to Jamaica on November 27th. Everyone from Jamaica will be home December 15th. Then it will be a small winter team here at the farm. 

We are hoping you are enjoying your TapRoot shares and that they are nourishing you and your loved ones. 

As things ramp up now again in parts of the world it feels safe that we are together,  ensuring that we all get good food to eat. AND we will keep on sharing too. 

Hugs and Love to you all,