Friday Update

Good Evening CSA members:

I am late today in completing my Friday post and email to you.  I had a very special date with Lily (our 12 year old) to go shopping. I really am not much of a shopper but a growing child does need new (or new to us) things on occasion. It was very nice to spent time with her. 

There is no choice this week. On rather short notice I am heading to the US Central Hemp Conference in Madison WI to share the story of our bast fibre processing machines and making yarns. I am hoping to sell machines and build connections. This means my CSA duties have been delegated to others and there is quite a bit of calculating to get it right how many of the choice items to make and send for each location. Other are certainly able, but I figured this would be a good time to take a break for a week and see how that goes. I would be happy to get your feedback on how it has been going. Please do let me know what you are thinking of the choice option. 

The share list is posted. This week there are frozen blueberries for fruit and full monty members. 

We have added sunflower shoots to the add on list this week. And we are excited to share that 297 3 L boxes of certified organic apple cider have arrived. We are doing small batches this year to keep the inventory low and the freshness high. 

Earlier today I was focused on cash flow projections and budgeting, working to sort out what we are going to need for additional working capital this year. There is a great deal of work to be done to ensure long term viability of our organic farm. You are the ones that have supported the farm in transitioning to certified organic over the years and we continue to depend on our relationship with you to keep farming in this way. Each day we are tremendously thankful!

Have a fantastic week-end!