Friday Update

Good Morning CSA Members,

We have a nice long list of things to do. I thought you might enjoy seeing what we are up to. It will take a few more weeks to get all of the crops in for the winter. It does feel good to get it all on paper I find. Get it out of our heads and onto paper.  I have also started another to do list of various other tasks that have been left to the side as other things have taken priority. Like, getting the gutters fixed on one of the houses where the men who work with us live. Or getting a plan in place get two of the houses painted. Seems too late to paint now, but they really need it.  

This year TapRoot has and is employing 34 people. 14 of these people travel here to work from Jamaica. As part of our participation in the Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program we are required to provide housing and at a minimum, weekly transportation to town. TapRoot has three houses for our employees to live in. They all could live in two of the houses, but with one bathroom for 7 people and sharing the kitchen all at the same time, we offered that another house would make it more comfortable for everyone. So now for the second year there are three houses. As you can imagine, this adds a lot more cost to the farm,  a cost  we must afford, if we are going to live and work and eat according to our values of honouring and respecting people. 

Two things: 

1) Next week, Devour! The Food Film Fest is taking place in Wolfville, but also virtually this year. I highly recommend that you clear your schedule from Wednesday to Sunday and dive into this amazing event.  For me Devour is a time to sit back and absorb the complexities of food politics, to feel a lot of emotions and to learn through film. I usually walk away from the week of Devour feeling reinvigorated and often I have moments of realization, in case I have forgotten, how important it is we keep doing what we do (farming and farming in this way). 

2) For those of you who have finished the CSA - The summer veg and summer fruit shares are finished now. Thank you so much! It was a fast 15 weeks. If you wish to sign up for the TapRoot fruit & veggie share you re welcome to. Be sure to log in and not create a new account. This share runs until mid December. If you are a member who switched in July and needs to switch back now, please send us an email to make sure we did the switch back correctly. I think we did, but I just want us to double check with you. Thanks! If you didn't switch then you have nothing to do. 

This weekend I will be at Novalea Market again 8AM -12PM. The 24th will be my last day. AND the Noggins Food Truck is keeping us busy on Saturday and Sunday until the end of October. Babo usually cooks and offers up Jamaican Jerk Pork and Chicken on Sundays. 

We will see some of you on Sunday for the apple and grape tomato u-pick. You can still come if you like. Try to register today please so I can get all of the details out to you in a timely fashion. (like later today) 

Wishing you a great weekend and feeling a big swelling heart of love towards you, feeling tremendous gratitude. 



(one of your many farmers)  

Our current plan for share next week:

Shares Deliveries: Monday, October 19, 2020 - Sunday, October 25, 2020


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