Good Morning - Share Day

Good Morning,

I am sorry for all of the tech issues we have been having. I believe we have it sorted out for now! Twice last week we lost 10 days worth of data because of a server change that didn't go well. I think we have things all updated again. My big concern is if someone signed up to be a new member. There info would be entirely lost so we will keep our ears and eyes open for that. 

Strawberries - this week you have a pint of organic TapRoot strawberries and a quart of Kilany berries. I wanted to give you the organic berries because it is you who supports TapRoot, but I also wanted to give you lots of berries because it is strawberry season. The harvest on Monday went so well for the organic berries that we had enough so I added them in. They are not listed on the share list yet. I will add them in. 

There are three springs of peppermint in the share too. It will be easy to miss them. 

AND most of the veggie/fruit have Tatsoi and Mizuna greens but some have Mizuna and Mustard Greens because we were about 8 bunches short of Tatsoi. 

There is a delicious recipe for greens that I use this time of is in the Simply In Season cookbook - it is a sweet and sour swiss chard. If you want a copy of the cook book let me know. We have them available at Noggins. I highly recommend the cook book. 

It feels great to have the rain! So great!  

This morning on the farm everyone is inside the tunnels working at weeding and tying up the tomatoes. This is the time for lots of weeding in all the fields. We are finishing up seeding and planting.

Okay - off I go to get loaded and head out on deliveries. 

If you are a new members, please review the older news letters for details about deliver locations. 

Have a great day!