Happy April!

Happy April everyone! 

A truck load of nutriwave arrived this morning to welcome April. It arrives just in time for the tunnels to go up and crops to be planted. Nutriwave is a composted chicken manure that is made in New Brunswick. We use it for fertility where other manures can not be used. When we spread regular cow manure on our fields we must be cautious that there are enough days before harvest. By our Canada Gap regulations and the organic standards, we must ensure there are 120 between manure application and harvest. This can be limiting in many cases, like with early crops. So, thankfully we have some options like nutriwave. 

Thank YOU!

Thank you to CSA members who were able to come and help out with seeding. We are all caught up. It was great to have you all here helping. We are excited that we were able to hire a CSA member to take on the seeding requirements and other tasks. We have also hired two additional students, one who started Monday and the other will start April 12. It is all working out. When the threat of wind and heavy snow has past we will recruit some strong helpers to put up at least three tunnels. One has spinach under it and the other two need to dry out so we can plant beet greens, spicy greens mix and spring turnip, oh and radish as soon as possible. 

Land & Sea

CSA Member Megan came in 2020 to interview us. Her idea and talents aired on Sunday. You can watch it here if you like. The 2nd part will be available on Sunday. https://gem.cbc.ca/media/land-and-sea-network/season-20/episode-3/38e815a-013b9925ae5?cmp=sch-food%20security  I feel very thankful that she included our story. Thank you Megan. Thank you CBC. Thank you Land and Sea. 

April 7th

April 7th we will deliver two weeks worth of shares. We are taking April 14th off. We are celebrating 21 years of marriage by going to a cottage on the South Shore. I am really looking forward to relaxing a little before the season begins in high gear. Thank you so much for accommodating this. 

Izaak Update & Request for your connections

Izaak is doing great. His shoulder is healing well. The new local surgeon, osteopath and physiotherapist all say it is looking really good. He is so relieved and so am I. Izaak is taking on a new adventure with the support of all of us. Starting Saturday he will be the grower and owner/manger of Greens of Haligonia, a Halifax based sprouting company. The new production location is at 2760 Robie Street. Izaak and his friend and business partner are in search of an apartment/room to rent in the city, preferably  near Almon St. and Robie St. But anywhere really. If you have any leads or ideas I would greatly appreciate it. 

AND finally

Three of a planned for 6 employees have arrived and are in isolation. Things are rather uncertain for when everyone else will arrive. The plans change frequently and so we are living in the present moment as it relates to our staff arriving and process. 

There are goat kids. If you'd like to come to visit the farm by all means send me an email of when you want to come and we can arrange it so you can visit the kids, the hens and see some pigs. The greenhouse is nice to visit too. You are welcome to come anytime! 

We wish you all a Happy Easter. May you experience moments of peace and joy this weekend.

Best Wishes,


(your middle aged woman farmer)