Happy Wednesday AM

Good Morning TapRoot CSA Members,

While Josh loads the van for me to take off on deliveries here in a few minutes I wanted to send out a quick note to you all to say hello. 

Everyone is out harvesting sweet cherries this morning with a few exceptions. Bob and Patrick are in the warehouse packing. Bobby is helping Josh load. Tim and Babo will get the chores done before greenhouse watering and then helping with cherries. Kingsley, Bolo, Martel  and Lindon are harvesting some lettuce before cherry picking. 

Things are going well. It is a busy time with competing priorities but we are managing it. We are also making hay right now. It was mowed Monday and will be ready to bale today. 

This week you have a biggish bag of beets. I didn't value them in the box, but we have them left in the cooler and I wanted to provide some bulk for you....maybe a big beet and feta salad? Maybe bbq'd beets?  There is a lot of variety and it can be hard to make the choices of what to  put in so we decided hodge podge box this week....potatoes, carrots and beans. 

The second two planting of peas failed so sadly we are done with peas. It is an incredible feeling to seed them and have them rot and then just like that there are no more peas. Talk about food security! I feel that we live in an extremely fragile food system time, and I feel this more and more each day as things unfold everywhere.

We do have lots of chard and kale at the moment and beets. And beans. And lettuce....and much more. 

Take Care all. The van is loaded and I need to head out now. 

If you are a new members, please see the older newsletters for info on pickup/deliveries. 

Have a great day! 


(feeling the preciousness of it all. your middle aged woman farmer)