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Good Morning,

It is a nice overcast morning here on the farm. It makes harvesting zucchini, pickling cukes, grape tomatoes and basil a bit more pleasant.  We are nearly finished the sweet cherry harvest, we will finish today. 

Josh has been taking wheat samples in to be tested for moisture. When the % moisture is right he combines all of the organic wheat and gets it put into the grain storage bins, it was perfect on Saturday and he got it all in. He has already combined the barley and it has been delivered to Horton Malt House in Grand Pre. If you are a beer drinker, they are making a beer called Field Good that is made with TapRoot Farms grains. Oats and rye are the next grains to combine and get into storage. We are excited to finally be growing more of our own grains which gives us lots of straw for mulching the vegetables. We will still need to purchase some straw to have enough for the mulching that we need to do. It is important that we keep the soil covered. We don't do a perfect job of this, but it is our intention and so it is a big investment each year to source straw. This spring we purchased a tractor trailer load  from PEI because there was no straw around us to purchase.  

Coming in the share this week is a special treat. A number of the men who work with us on the farm and at Noggins grow Callaloo for their own cooking. For the past couple of years they have grown extra to make it available in the market and in our CSA shares. It is ready and this week we will provide you with a nice bunch of Callaloo. See recipe below. 

I have added Dill Pickle Kits to the Add on section - they are available this week and next week. They are $20 and you get 10lbs pickling cukes, garlic and dill flower.

Add on ordering - please be sure to order your add on's - ON MONDAY until midnight. This way on Tuesday we can get all of the orders done and be nice and organized for Wednesday. Thank you so much!  To order please go to http://taproot.harvesthand.com/, log into your account and order. The other option is to visit taprootfarms.ca/shop and order on our online store, and select deliver with my CSA.  In some cases members order in both places. 

On this beautiful August Monday morning our wish for you is good health, contentment, and time to cook great food to share with those you love. 

Many Thanks,


(your middle aged woman farmer) 

Callaloo Jamaican Style - by Immaculate Bites
  1. Cut leaves and soft stems from the callaloo branches, them soak in a bowl of cold water for about 5-10 minutes or until finish with prep.
  2. Proceed to slicing the onions, mincing the garlic and dicing the tomatoes. Set aside
  3. Remove callaloo from water cut in chunks.
  4. Place bacon on saucepan and cook until crispy. Then add onions, garlic, thyme, stir for about a minute or more
  5. Add tomatoes; scotch bonnet pepper, smoked paprika. Sauté for about 2-3 more minutes.
  6. Finally add vegetable, salt, mix well, and steamed for about 6-8 minutes or until leaves are tender. Add a tiny bit of water as needed. Adjust seasonings and turn off the heat.
  7. Using a sharp knife cut both ends off the plantain. This will make it easy to grab the skin of the plantains. Slit a shallow line down the long seam of the plantain; peel only as deep as the peel. Remove plantain peel by pulling it back.
  8. Slice the plantain into medium size lengthwise slices and set aside.
  9. Coat a large frying pan with cooking oil spray. Spray the tops of the plantains with a generous layer of oil spray and sprinkle with salt, freshly ground pepper.
  10. Let the plantains "fry" on medium heat, shaking the frying pan to redistribute them every few minutes.
  11. As the plantains brown, continue to add more cooking oil spray, salt and pepper (if needed) until they have reached the desired color and texture.
  12. Remove and serve with callaloo