Home delivery Check in

Good Morning, 

Just a quick note to say..... 

I am not having enough time to catch up on reading emails. I will hopefully get to that tomorrow. 

I am running out the door to load for the home deliveries and hopefully get on the road around 11. 

If you selected home delivery on the google form then I will be dropping it by today. I will also drop off the two that were missed yesterday (Matthew and Diane). 

How it will work today, I will bring the box to your door, ring the bell, and depart. You can expect delivery anytime after 12 and hopefully before 7 PM. If you have ordered add on's I will also leave them there with your share box. 

Many thanks,


Ps. I am sorry everyone is getting all the emails but there is no way for me to sort since we have mixed up all the lists. Thanks for patience as we get this all flowing again.