Hot days of summer

Just a quick hello from all of us here at the farm!

So many delicious veggies are coming in now. The peppers have started, the tomatoes, the ground cherries, all of the potatoes are available now. The carrots are so sweet and delicious. Yum yum yum. Things have really ramped up which is exciting. 

It sure is hot. The crops love this. It is hard to work in this heat but everyone keeps working and we just keep reminding each other to drink lots of water and to pay attention to our bodies needs. 

We hope everything is going well for you. Pick up is flowing okay? Your shares are filling your bellies? Are you happy with your shares so far? 

Here we are, August 13th. Have a lovely rest of your day! 


ps. I posted more items on the add on lists - bulk items. ALSO for those wanting to order smaller sizes, - shop and you can. Thank you!