How to's for Callaloo

Happy Heat Wave everybody! 

The sun is an incredible thing, I hope you have a favourite place/method to stay cool this week. 

In both the Large and Full Monty shares, there is a very special green veggie called Callaloo! We grow callaloo here on the farm because it is a favourite vegetable of the folks who come and work here from Jamaica. I checked in with Richards, aka. "Baboo" after lunch today, hoping to get the run down on how to prepare and cook this healthy summer green. Here's what he had to say: 

To break it down, make sure to 

1) Always rinse your vegetables first

2) Peel the stocks on the plant

3) Slice the stem and leaves into small pieces 

4) put the Callaloo  in a pan, with butter, garlic, and salt

5) Cover with a lid and let it cook for 15 - 20 minutes and you're good to go! 



This week not every share got Callaloo, but hopefully over the season we will be able to share more of this green with everyone! 

Side Note:

Over the past couple of weeks some CSA members have been sharing their recipes with us, from helpful tips with carrot tops to what to do with all of those garlic scapes! Here are a few of those recipes for your back pocket. 

From Jessie

"I just made this recipe for Carrot Top Sabzi. So good. I scooped up bites with Naan bread. I used butter instead of ghee. I also added a chopped sad tomato and a third of a leftover zucchini.

From Sylvia

"When I was wondering what to do with my bag of garlic scapes on the weekend, it hit me that in a recipe where I combined grated cheese, bacon and finely diced green onions as a casserole topping, I could substitute the garlic scapes for the green onions. I did and it was delicious and I’ll definitely keep green onions = garlic scapes in mind for the future."

It's great to hear all of the creativity coming out in the kitchen! Thanks for sharing everyone and I look forward to hearing how the Callaloo went over :)